“Fretting about what you already have said today never helps. So don’t regurgitate. It is not worth it since nobody cares most of what you have said. They just don’t.”

“But I had to burn some bridges. I just had to since some of them had grown so taxing that I couldn’t take them anymore.”

“Hey, listen. It is only you remember everything you have said, and there is no guarantee that they are the exact reconstitution of it. We tend to make it sound worse when reconstituting them.”

“But I had to burn some bridges, I just had to.”

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비공개 덧글입니다.

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오늘 새벽에 올린 책의 모티브가 되는 노래에요.

어느 순간이 되면 더 다치고 싶지 않아서 나쁜 것들은 종종 잊어버리기도 하더라구요.

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