The Six Phases of My Working Self

The previous posting, which should have been uploaded on twitter, was about 5, rather 6 phases about my working self. I got an idea but didn’t have enough energy to write it down. It has been most laboring week in last two and half years. Let’s just put it that way.  Anyway, the six phases are:

1. LED

The best these days; it is really energy efficient and lasts long.

2. Compact Fluorescent

Best until very recently; still very energy efficient and lasts long enough.

3. Fluorescent

Not compact. Performs OK still, but not up to the standard of today.

4. Incandescent

10% light, 90% heat. Enough said.

5. Halogen

Maybe the brightest, but can’t last for the extend period of time because it get hot too much too fast. The filament is really fragile, even when it isn’t that extremely hot.

6. Off

Filament is out, malfunction, power shortage… whatever.

I must tell that I have been in Phase 5, being on the verge of entering 6 for some time. Now I am breathing… just little better.

When I got the call, I just had a half bite of my so-called “dog-food” lunch in front of the computer. We have very nice habit of asking “are you OK to talk?” when calling somebody, especially for the business, but the problem is that I cannot really say I am not even if that is the case; it is not the fault of those who asking but my mantra is. It was only after 20 minutes or so after submitting the assignment, which I must admit that I passed the due because of my own misunderstanding. Anyway, I had nearly finished it when I was informed that I missed the due.

If I have to describe my job with one sentence, I would do it like “filling the paper with the words.”  The point is that the words are not mere words. Rather, they are the reincarnations of my perspective. Therefore, my job is, at least I believe, to provide my perspective about the matter which should have been accumulated for a long enough period of time too take the least amount of price to get me going. In other words, I do not have any shame to offer that to get paid. You know I must.

So from time to time when I get frustrated when my client seems to be more interested in something not make the cut to fill the paper; it is some kind of collective ‘what-might-have-beens’ I decide not to put in with reason. In other words, I can’t seem to be trusted for whatever reason, and that is the most discouraging thing for me to get motivated. And that was why, that was why.

*FYI: The second one is not get paid, which has been happening ever so slightly alarming. Each client may owe very little but it has reached the level that cannot be ignored collectively.

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 Commented by 나는고양이 at 2011/10/14 10:28 
I think recognition and appreciation for what others have done are the most effective ways to encourage people who they are working with, but it seems quite a lot of people overlook that.

I like reading what you have written, even though I don’t pay for it (but willing to pay if I have to). Hopefully you can get back to the level 1, LED phase soon!

 Commented by bluexmas at 2011/10/18 00:59
You can buy my books if you want… That would be one way to “pay” me. I don’t feel any shame to say like this since I have to make my ends meet like others as well. Anyway, thanks for kind words.

 Commented by settler at 2011/10/14 20:19 
저도 고양이님 말씀에 한 표 거듭니다. 공짜로 읽을 좋은 게 많다는 건 어쩌면 결국 좋지만은 않은 일일지도 모르지요.

 Commented by bluexmas at 2011/10/18 00:59
원래 공짜 아닌데 공짜라고 생각하는 것이 문제가 아닐까 싶습니다…

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