Happier Than Thou

Watched some movie about people who think they are happier than others and not afraid to show that with snobby fashion. That kind of snobby ‘happier than thou’ approach makes me sick all the time. They tend to label others as some intruder breaking the perfect balance of their happiness if ever coming around them. Yes, we do it. We do break that balance of perfect happiness all the time. I am so soaked with guilty feeling that I may have made some people ever so slightly less happier than they think they deserve. I am so happy to be guilty.

 by bluexmas | 2011/10/09 01:06 | Life | 트랙백 | 덧글(2)

 Commented by 요엘 at 2011/10/09 02:12 
뭔가 못된 (?! )거 같은데 굉장히 공감가면서도

미묘복잡한데 끌리는 글이네요 ‘-‘

잘 읽었습니다!

 Commented by bluexmas at 2011/10/26 00:21
아 네;;;

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