Listening vs. Speaking

I always try hard, but feel like it is beyond my capability: balancing out the speaking and the listening. Sometimes I speak to someone to speak, but end up listening more than speaking. It happens a lot more than the opposite. The problem is that I don’t think I am good at listening. It is not that I don’t intend to listen, but I just cannot concentrate sometimes. I always digress. I may have ADD. I don’t know. You can always pay people to listen to you, but that should be the last resort; it is not only costs a lot but it is unbalanced as well. If you pay anyone to listen to you, and they shall listen.

What can be the most critical quality for the good listener? Most people think the willingness to listen, but I think it is secondary; you should be good at forgetting. I am not sure it is only me, but I tend to get concerned about the repercussion or ramification of conversation. You should absorb all the words somebody saying like the sponge when it happens, then be able squeeze yourself out to the last droplet of the conversation. Also, you should assure the speaker that the outlet to which you drain the conversation is connected directly to the ocean so it will not leak to someone’s house by accident, or even to some bamboo grove, which is no longer safe place to take those words from your chest and throw out. From the beginning, bamboos are not good at that at all. It was all myth.

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 Commented by settler at 2011/08/25 02:15 
맞는 말씀 그러면 얼마나 좋을까요 ㅠ

나도 괴롭지 않고 남을 미워하지 않아도 되서 좋고.

쏟아내는 것 같은 방류 말고 쌍방이 즐겁고 감정적으로든

어떤 식으로든 유익한 대화를 하는 방법을 알면 정말 좋겠어요.

한참 떠들다 혹은 듣다가 집에 가는 길에 나 아니면 상대 아니면 둘다를 미워하는 거

정말 지겨운 감정.

 Commented by bluexmas at 2011/08/31 01:18
네 참 균형 맞추기가 어려워요. 불가능할지도 모르죠.

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