dumbfounded나 flabbergastered 같은 단어의 어감이 왠지 좋아서, 꼭 한 번 써보고 싶었는데 여태껏 기회가 없던 차에 얼마 전 아주 좋은 기회를 맞았다. 새 부동산 중개인과 의논을 해서 집 값을 내려서 다시 시장에 내놨더니 바로 전 중개인이 그렇게 가격을 내렸으면 자기도 팔아줄 수 있었을텐데 왜 안 그랬냐고 불평하는 메일을 받고 황당했기 때문이다. 아마 시간이 많아서 이것저것 상황을 봐 가면서 사람을 찾을 수 있었으면 저 여자에게 집을 맡기지는 않았을 텐데, 회사에서 정리당하고 워낙 시간에 쫓겨가면서 이것저것 준비하다보니 중요한 문제지만 신경 쓸 겨를이 없어서 대강 찾은 사람에게 집을 맡겼었다. 사실 시장의 상황이 너무 나빴으니까, 중개인이 일을 못해서 집을 못 판 것이라고 생각하지는 않지만 메일에서도 얘기한 것처럼 계약을 하고 처음 집 사진을 찍으러 왔을 때 카메라 전지를 제대로 충전해서 오지 않은 걸 보고는 어째 예감이 좋지 않았다. 그때는 벌써 계약을 맺었던터라 어쩔 수 없었지만.

어쨌든 전 중개인이었던 여자는 부족하기가 꼭 전형적인 미국인 같았다. 별로 열심히 하지는 않아서 언제나 부족한데 그걸 말로 때우려고 하고, 그래서 시끄럽고 내가 고객인데도 내 말은 잘 안 듣고, 결국 이런 일 생기면 자기가 어떤지는 돌아보지 않고 남에게 화살을 돌리려 하고. 아마 주변에다가도 ‘I don’t know why, I did my best’ 라고 말하고 다니겠지? 저런 인간들이 넘쳐나서 미국이라는 나라에도 별로 희망이 없어 보인다. 꾹꾹 참고 있다가 집 세주는 문제가 해결나자 마자 카운터 펀치. 사람들에게 물어보니 저런 일이 꽤 많이 벌어지기는 하는 모양이다.

(스스로 대문에 뜨는 영어의 압박을 못 이겨 한글과 영어의 자리를 바꿨다-_-;;;)

Dear ##,

It is very unfortunate that you claimed me being irresponsible for the price adjustment and everything. You can think however you like, but I have a different idea.

I never think it is such a big deal to adjust a price, but the more important issue for me was that how we came up with the number: I always told you that you were the expert, but I never felt that you came up with the opinion of expert at all. After receiving your blaming email, I looked at  all the emailed we exchanged. Yes, you had suggested me few times to adjust the price, but I could not see the logic behind the thought. I remember I asked you to provide me insight and strategy, but I never heard any answer I would expect from the expert. Yes, you helped me a lot, but you seemed to come short when it got critical. The reason I agreed to reduce the price was that I could get the analysis, and then understand and agree what was really going on.

Not sure you still remember, but I still remember vividly that you did not recharged the battery of your digital camera when you visited my house to take the picture. If that was before we had a contract, I would have not had you as my agent. It is all the little things reveal who the real people are, and I had a kind of bad feeling when I saw it.

All in all, you should have not sent this kind of resenting email to me since I was your client anyway. It is OK for me if you say you don’t care, but is the reputation all in the client-based business? Do you do this to all of your ex-client when the things don’t go well? Have you ever thought what kind of things people may tell once they experienced this kind of things? I was in the client-based business as well, and it never happened. Thus I felt dumbfounded. Please take a look at yourself in the mirror. That is all I can tell on the top of this verbose counter argument.

Oh, and the house is already out for the lease. The contract was done yesterday. It’s fast, isn’t it? If you still think only the price had been the matter, and feel bad about what I am saying now, you still cannot get why I really did not want to go with you for longer.

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