The Next Food Network Star, Final

Disappointing, but expected: I have expected that Aaron will be the winner all along, unless he screws it up to the point of no return. For last two weeks, he had almost reached that level, but they had kept giving him more chances and he got it finally. At this point, I think my criticism toward the show or FN is no longer meaningful as they just picked the one they had needed for a long time: Afro-American talent. I strongly believe that was the reason they did not put this on public vote as they were afraid to lose him like last season(cannot think Lori could be the better choice, but…). Anyway, Aaron was the worst among three finalists in cooking and entertaining. His concept or vision didn’t look like something can last long as it was not the idea can cover the ground of cuisine he would lean on. In addition, Guy Fieri’s show has already covered similar kind of concept. I am sure Aaron’s show will be less exciting than Guy’s as he doesn’t seem to have that level of entertaining skill (It was almost painful to watch him hosting his pilot show).

Except the fact that I cannot see her face more than one minute, Lisa did a fine job, whether I think all the ‘show and tell’ kind of presentation she had with Gordon Elliot is kind of fake or not(more often than not, I tend to think that kind of concept

work is fake…my profession makes me spoiled and skeptical). Anyway I am happy as I don’t need to see her anymore(sorry). Adam did his best despite the circumstances which FN never seemed to make him win. His entertaining skill was at his best and his cooking was good enough for people to feel that he is some sort of expertise. It is not that I have been rooting for him, but for me he was the best one to watch without feeling sick. His idea to the show was fine, but not really refreshing as Tyler Florence and Danny Boome’s show have already done same thing. Anyway, I am still believing that he will find a way, maybe the better one than this: he deserved to be in this level of competition.

OK, it is time to wrap up. I really don’t want to see this as a final result, but it ends up being something I have been expecting all along anyway. I am still thinking that Aaron’s show will not be very exciting, and there is high possibility that the first season will be the last one, like Amy’s.


 by bluexmas | 2008/07/29 01:15 | Media | 트랙백

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