The Next Food Network Star, Week Seven

don’t think it was only me who had guessed that there would be no eliminated contestants: the preview from the week before the last one gave too much of clue. However, I guessed that they would go through one more round to eliminated one to the final of two.. so that was only difference between my guess and what actually happened.

The reason for me is that they didn’t want to eliminated Aaron: he was the worst among three, in both cooking and entertaining. Three pastas were to much and none of them looked appetizing. Even worse, his presentation was horrible and I had to flip the channel. I think that they wanted to get rid of Adam as much as they did to save Aaron; had he done slightly worse than he did last week, he would already be eliminated. However, I think their judgement was impaired: Tuschman guy said ‘with one bad week among seven, we cannot eliminated him’, but had they already eliminated guys mostly based on each episode’s performance, more than anything? It was too generous, while they pointed out Adam’s ongoing inconsistency. I don’t think that’s fair. I think he did great job, especially in cooking and they seemed to be still hesitant to give him a credit in that department. To me, he looked most relaxed and food looked great. Cannot see any problem for him to cook.

Lisa… I have to admit that her singing was great, but singing itself cannot make me like her. There were critical failure in cooking, in addition to poor performance in filming promo. Overall, she was slightly better than Aaron as nobody was able to detect her lack of quantity in monkfish. They are heading to the final… I have no idea who will win, but if that is not solely based on performance, I bet Aaron will win and he will be gone after one season of awkward show. My favorite to win now is Adam, as I have been impressed by his overall performance, but hard to imagine they let him win all the way, even harder for Lisa. One last thing: by the preview, it seems that they will decide the winner by jury, not by open vote. Is it only me who thinks fishy?

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