The Next Food Network Star, Week Six

 the end of the show, Kelsey had to leave and I did not expect that. However, she seemed to be outmatched in almost every aspect of the challenge and irked crooked-face Tuschman guy one more time with that ‘culinary school’ comment. She hadn’t really one of my favorite contestants all the way, but there were nothing really much to dislike her and I don’t understand why the culinary school comment is such a problem as that is all she has for now; she is just 23 and FN knows that. Few weeks ago, that crooked-face guy criticized her by comparing her comment to aviation school graduate, and I didn’t think it made sense at all. If they think her lack of life experience can be the issue, they should have not selected her, or Shane either, or even raised the age limit so that any twenty something or younger person don’t apply for the competition. Personally, I don’t see any problem with their relative lack of experience as I believe they can bring the

fresh air which can balance the lack of experience out. I just don’t understand why they make such a big deal out of their age after bringing them to the show; it looked like they were spitting to their face. To me, they didn’t even look that immature or lacking at all. Anyway, I think she will find her way to cook in front of camera, somewhere not FN.

Ok, here is the breakdown:

-Lisa: I think I have to confess that I could not even watch Lisa was on TV; putting all the hair and makeup aside, I cannot

watch her moving so frantically all over the place. I was wondering how she avoided cutting her finger while chopping herbs like that. At the end of the show, she said she needed to warm herself up in front of the camera, and I don’t think that will happen as that is just her personality. In fact, that scene reminded me of Lori, the runner-up of last season, as it seems they are sharing some kind of bitchness and FN just want to play with it until the end, or just next week… I just don’ think she will win all the way(oh well, Rachel Ray is still having her show, so why not?).

-Aaron: I think  his cooking solely save him this time. He didn’t even start cooking Chicken Parmesan until less that 20 minutes left, but was able to finish strong. He still seems to lack TV skill, but he can learn it, I guess (is it something FN has to offer? Training, I mean…). Now it is his to lose, considering FN is believed to be dying to get Afro-American talents.

-Adam: I don’t think he is less qualified than other contestants, so I don’t understand Tuschman guy’s argument of him lacking passion. He just wanted to eliminate him so badly, I guess. I don’t think he can go beyond this week, but is able to find another TV job: good looking, acts very natural in front of camera. He may be the

better one than they think, and I think he deserves more.

Oh, here is one more thing: throwdown format of last week’s challenge was that interesting. Overall, I still think last season’s format is a lot better.

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