The Next Food Network Star, Week 5

Last season, it was not until final three left, to have the show with live audience. But this season, they did it with the half of the contestant had left. Basically I have been thinking the contestants as a whole is weaker than previous ones, so I think this was not agood call, and even worse with the task they had: making little girl scouts happy. For me, it looked like double whammy with the basic task of dealing with live audience AND Rachel Ray. It was painful 35 minutes or so to look(not watch; I cannot) at her and unwilling listen to her smoky voice. Man, it is getting worse, isn’t it? I just cannot see her charm as a television figure. Oh, I better shut up now.

Anyway, here are the breakdown of contestants:

-Aaron: I think this is something FN has expected. If he can keep this up, he will win all the way as they are dying to have some Afro-American talent.

-Kelsey: going back to annoying side, from cute side of last week. Her reason to be next FN star was most elaborated and logical one, though. For me, others doesn’t even sound like something; they had no concept.

-Shane: I don’t think it was all his fault; the girl was not really personable and didn’t seem to enjoy to be there(intimidated by him?). It seemed that he did his best without having full knowledge of what the girl had wanted. All in all, it was disappointing to see him eliminated as I think that he could be the next Tyler Florence (well, this could be real complement, had Tyler Florence not screwed up his reputation by appearing Applebee commercial), with good skill and not so bad looking. I have thought that he was the one could win all the way with Aaron. However, he is still very young, so he can have his fair share of opportunity somewhere else after visiting Paris (couldn’t understand he’d never been to Paris while mentioning French technic all the time)

-Lisa: stop crying, pleeeeeease. I didn’t understand FN’s decision to keep her as she seemed to be almost forcing the girl to cook what she had wanted to cook; not really sure that young girl had known what the heck was cous cous. Now, I am hoping her not to win all the way as I can see she can become the hybrid of Rachel, Giada, and Sandra. Look so ominous on this one…

-Adam: next to Aaron, I think he was the second in overall, including both cooking and entertaining. He seems to have a knack of entertain people, as he came up with some jokes about his food as an alternative of some chocolate related stuff he had wanted to come up with. However, I cannot see him win all the way as he can only be inferior clone of Guy Fieri (going bananas all the time, regardless of what the heck he does).

Well, personally I feel this season is going downhill. Except Aaron, nobody cannot give new and fresh perspective to the shows FN already has. I know this is too early to think about, but I guess they have to reconsider doing this show if this season’s winner doesn’t pan out. But as I have always claimed, it is them to kill their own farmhand by burying them among other already proven talents from outside: cannot believe Ted Allen doing the show, it is not that I don’t like him or he is not talented, it is just…

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