[Tokyo] Dominique Ansel Bakery-You Belong There

It has been exactly a month and a half since I tasted their Baked “Apple Ple” Alaska, and I still cringe when remembering the apple sorbet layer. It was very icy and wasn’t really likely got softened up until finish eating. The ugliness of overall section didn’t help the experience, either. It represents the sort of amateurism you hardly be able to witness in Japan. Well, it was not just section; the entire appearance is far from beauty.

I didn’t get to taste the famous cronut as it had been already sold out when visiting in the afternoon, but I really didn’t mind. All other stuffs including that Baked Alaska cry out in harmony that they are not that special themselves, from Frozen S’more to Mr. Roboto (sort of Melon Pan-you know it resembles the appearance only), or a crooked latte art heart.

It wouldn’t be exactly a tourist trap in any other places in the world, but it seems very likely in Japan, especially in Tokyo where the bar is definitely higher. If you really want to feel who you are in the city, then go ahead and visit; you would feel very comfortable being there with all the customers lured by the fame of cronut as if you belong there. You wouldn’t regret your decision. I guarantee.

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