The Gourmet Next Door, the beginning not promising

I think I have to admit that I have waited her show for a while, even sinceI Amy Finley won the competition for the next food network star: it was not that I had liked her to win the competition, but I had been feeling sick and tired of watching all the shows hosted by female hosts. Just check this out with me for a second:

-Sandra Lee: the worst, ever. The food, the concept. I just cannot believe that the show with this kind of concept has been running for a while.

-Rachel Ray: If the worst can be a two-headed monster, she will be the second head, next to Sandra Lee. I just do not like her clumsy chacracter and husky voice any more. Oh yeah, at least she cooks, so tick better than Sandra Lee.

-Giada De Laurentiis: Am I the only guy who is not interested in her cleavage? Stop wearing that deep V-neck top. If you cook well, you really don’t need to wear that. I am so sick of watching her trying to look that cute in ‘Weekend Getaways.’

-Paula Deen: in the interview with Atlanta newpaper,  she claimed that why southern food can be such an issue as far as the fat goes since her mother or older generations used to eat same way and had had no problems. Well, at least they might have moved their body much more than she does now, so been able to burn more calories.

-Ina Garten: There are three cookbooks by her in the bookstore, and you can reorganize it by chronological order very easily since her on the cover gets bulkier… Just kidding, and her show is at least very consistent and not boring to watch as it all comes down to cooking. So I kind of like her.

-Nigella Lawson: …Her food never looks delicious to me, but not sure it is just because she is not just my taste or…she is British. 

Oh, just cut the crap and go back to the point. Even if she was not someone I had rooted for, I kind of hoped that she makes some great show and knocks out some of boring programs and hostess behind the curtain. Thus I have waited for this show.  I know it is very early to say, however, the first show didn’t look very promising to me, and I felt disappointed.

The main reason was that the atmospherethey wanted to create, at least to me, looks like French home cooking version of Giada’s Everyday Italian. Easy, simple, yet looks kind of elegant… The sets, music, and even Finley’s accent(I know both of them are from southern California, but…)  sound very familiar. Thus If you take out Amy Finley, the show hostess, and put Giada De Laurentis, the show will be exactly same and it will not matter whether she cooks French or Italian. I don’t have any idea that the producer set the tone like this or she wants to play safer bet, but all in all, the show doesn’t have any vibrant color which I have expected from the new show host. While watching the show, I had found out that she wasn’t much of vibrant or vivid character as much as she looked like; she was rather shy individual or at least pretended so during the whole show. However, it was not quite like this as she looked so flat that I do not know how can I remember her except the fact the she just started her own show? She didn’t seem capable of creating her own atmosphere no matter what it is and that was why I felt disappointed. If she looked on the way of making hers and made some mistakes, I would have felt OK, but she looked completely tamed from the beginning, as if she was set to do that.

Oh, I know I kind of rushed to make this judgement, and I will take a close look for a while. I am pretty sure that she is much better than Sandra Lee, Rachel Ray or Giada De Laurentiis to me anyway just because she is the new girl in the block. So I will keep my finger crossed for few more weeks.

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 Commented by blackout at 2007/10/19 12:34 

Giada의 할아버지는 연출가고 할머니는 유명한 여배우였죠. 그래서 전 어릴때부터 화려한 가족따라서 맛난것만 먹어서 왠지 케이터링하기도 쉽겠군, 이라고 은근 부러워했답니다. 저도 Sandra는 별로인데, 뭐랄까 최소한의 노력으로 최대한의 결과를 내려는 그 컨셉자체가 별로라서 인거같아요. Ina는 베어풋 콘테사죠? 푸짐하게 잔뜩 만드는 스타일이 좋긴한데, 이 아줌마 손이 좀 커서…ㅋㅋ…저도 이 아줌마 꽤 좋아합니다. 뭐랄까 뉴잉글랜드 스타일이죠. Paula는 그 apple pie의 서던 발음이 좋아서…종종 따라했었죠. 일단 음식 컨셉자체가 아주 떙기는 스타일은 아니라서 말입니다. Rachel은 40$ per day할때 좋아해요. 음식을 진짜 맛있게 먹는달까…30min meal도 처음에는 괜찮았는데 요즘은 쬐금 식상한듯. 그래도 토크쇼라고 생각하고 본답니다. 그러고 보니 케이블 끊은지 한 1년쯤 되서 그 이후에 나온 쇼는 본적이 없네요.

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저도 그 Chefology였나 몇 해 동안 게속 반복해서 봐서 그 잘난 지아다네 가족사는 이미 줄줄이 꿰고 있답니다-_-;;; 샌드라 리는 요즘 그 가공음식에 대한 비판때문에 엄청 욕 들어 먹고 있구요. 베어풋 컨테사는 오늘 올해 찍은 프로그램을 봤는데 더 살이 찌셨더군요. 음식은 언제나 맛있어 보이지만… 폴라 딘은 그냥 통과. 레이철 레이는 얼굴도 보기 싫구요…

요즘 푸드네트웍 욕도 많이 먹더라구요. 음식은 안 만들고 순 리얼리티 쇼만 한다고…

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